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Welcome to Ashok's roundup of Loyola School in the blogosphere.

Last month's major event was Mr B.O. Sebastian's entry into the Logosphere. But let us begin at the beginning.

Ashok (1991) writes on Loyola's Nigerian connection
At school, whenever we mentioned Nigeria it would have been in the context of a "new teacher from Nigeria." And it would be a male, Christian teacher who dazzled us with his knowledge, passion for teaching, and affection for students. Full text

Later, I came across Cherry George Mathew's (1997) recollections of Nigeria

Mr B.O. Sebastian clarifies
I would like to clarify Ashok that I was not in Nigeria. I was working in one of the Jesuit schools in Bokaro steel city. BOS's comment

Roshen Chandran (1989) explains why we thought BOS came from Nigeria
A few days after joining Loyola, Ashok came home prattling "akka chakka nova, leh misa, leh misa, gudu gudu misa, gudu gudu misa." Full text

Vineeth Krishnan (2007) dishes up anecdotes from his Loyola life
"Yes folks, I've seen it all"!... Every politician tells you that right...but as far as Loyola is concerned and my 12 years there especially, then yeah, I've seen it all!!!... Full text

And while you are visiting my blog, please do not forget to read the comments section -- B.O. Sebastian sir has updated us on his health and treatment.

Warm regards,
Ashok R Chandran (1991)
from New Delhi

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